Monday, 30 January 2012

Berry Special

Have you had the Berry experience?

Oh Mon Cherie !  Next to Paris I would say one of my next all time favourite stops would be Berry in the Shoalhaven district of NSW.  It is quite a hike from Canberra but one which is definitely worth taking in my book and a little bit more affordable than Paris.

Berry is a successful melting pot of country meets coastal chic .  The magnificent mountains with mist overhanging them which surround the town along with the promise of catching an evening stroll along a nearby beach are just too hard to resist in my opinion.  The other temptation of Berry that I cannot resist is the shopping !!!!  I have been blessed to enjoy all that Berry has to offer on many occasions over the years and can recommend it to anyone who loves a country town who embraces it's heritage.  The shops are unique, the food is amazing (especially the donut van, I know no "chic" in that, but they are tasty and wicked) and the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming.  It is like going for a Sunday stroll on any given day of the week.

I had the pleasure of visiting Berry last week and indulged myself by visiting my all time favorite bargain homewares store "Haven and Space".  For those of you who have not had the absolute delight in shopping at this unique emporium of all things homely you can click on the link provided and check out their website:
Haven and Space

How exciting, they are finally on online so I can get my Berry "fix" remotely . You won't believe your eyes, this store is absolutely phenomenal.  And the news just gets better, it seems they will be expanding to new premises across the road this year so there will be even more Haven and Space to enjoy.

The other most decadent experience I had other than the donuts in Berry, was discovering a store called Moss Nest.  The owners describe their store as "Flotsam and Flora for Nature lovers" .  Does that give you an idea of the gems that lay inside this quaint little stores walls?  There were amazing floral displays along with lots of French goodies, beautiful books to devour and some taxidermy deer which unfortunately I did not buy.  That didn't stop me taking a pic to add to my wish list.  Can you imagine how much my boys would love a deer head sitting in the lounge room watching a movie with them?  Very cool.  I have included the link for your indulgence and enjoyment . Moss Nest

So if you are ever in the vicinity of the Shoalhaven I can highly recommend spending a morning or afternoon in Berry or if you are lucky enough a whole weekend.  You never know what pieces of Berry treasures you will discover to add to your nest.  But one thing is for sure, they will be "Berry" special.

Luv and Cups of tea Shell xxxxx

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Priscilla Fitzgerald said...

Just love Berry. But is has been too long. We are going at Easter though and I will be sure to check out your fave spots :-)