Saturday, 14 January 2012

It's the weekend - Let the Feathering begin !!

Hello My Lovelies how are you spending your weekend?

Ahhh, the weekend there is nothing quite like it, that feeling of absolute bliss and freedom.  Weekends in Summer seem to be even better .  The world has slowed so we can stop to smell the salt spray from the ocean, (another blue to add to the growing collection of blue hue loves) or the freshness of that beautifully cut grass on your front lawn. ( that your husband has so kindly done for you because he knows how much you love it)  Coffee's are brewing whilst we linger longer over a long summer brunch and we plan what we might "pop" on the barbie for tonight's meal.  How do you spend your summer weekends?  A little champagne or cocktail by the pool?  Or is more about getting the kids to bed early so you can sit back and relax.  Whatever it may be weekends are that moment in time for rest and rejuvenation in preparation for the week ahead.

My weekend feels if it started early as I have a had lot of fun since my post yesterday.  I must share that I found some absolute "blue treasures" hiding in my cupboards which I have promptly pulled out and used in some vignettes around my nest. I also found a gorgeous cushion my very talented mum in law had made for me featuring my new fave blue.  I just love it when you fall in love all over again with a beautiful piece and the bank balance is still untouched. The absolute find of my day yesterday was my cushion of scrumptiousness which I found at my new fave shop Pillow talk .  To check out this most fabulous shop I  have attached the link for your own pleasure : Pillow Talk

For $35.00 I have managed to give our loungeroom a little touch of Peacock blue and my heart just could not be happier when I pass by that the cushion.  What a Gem?  Don't you just love those moments?

I will leave you today to contemplate what the weekend will hold for you.  Make sure you add something beautiful for yourself, go on you deserve it. It need not take long..... A little candle, listen to a song you love, dance around the house like no one is watching ( and if they are they should be dancing too) or if you wish venture out , treasure those moments with family and  friends.  For moi a beautiful cup of tea is always a must and one of life's gifts that always make me happy .  Happy feathering to all !

Love and cups of tea Shell xxxx


tan said...

love your new cushion! its gorgeous

Bel said...

Pillow talk is my fav shop too discovered it online about a year ago now!!!!

Love your cushion!!