Friday, 3 February 2012

l'amour du thé

How much do you love a cup of The'

(tea in French just sounds even more elegant if that is even possible???)

As you very well know by now I am a huge fan of a great cup of tea.  I sipped my first cup of tea at the age of 7 at home and the memory is as clear today as ever.  One of those life changing "AHA" moments as Oprah has now famously named them.  There was no going back, I was in love.  In love with everything about it.  The teapot ( It was silver enamel and stained heavily on the inside from many years of brewing. Mum promised the stains made the tea taste better so I was never to scrub it clean !!!), the grown up cup it was poured into, the teaspoon of sugar which sweetened it to my liking and the ritual of sitting down with my Mum to enjoy it's beauty.

For centuries people have been partaking in tea and to me it is a no brainer.  It is divine. Nothing compares for me.  It truly is the "bomb"!!!! It is undeniably ladylike, but above everything else it is a hug in a mug. It's a chance to take a breath in an otherwise busy day, the most pleasurable way to start a day and the most relaxing way to end it. ( decaf of course) It is a trusted companion that never lets me down.

So how do you enjoy your tea?  Is it in a big mug?  An elegant china tea cup maybe?  A teabag or a brewed pot?  What is your favourite tipple?  Please I would love you to share your tea secrets with me!!!

 I have included my Top 5 Brews for you .........................................

Twinings English Breakfast - predictable I know but always reliable

Twining Irish Breakfast - slight variation on the theme above if you want a little variety in your "breakky teas"

Laduree Earl Grey - So pretty and Parisian and comes in the prettiest pale green container. Marie Antoinette would approve.

Kusmi Irish Blend Tea - A beautiful blend of Assan and Darjeeling teas .  Also made in France with irresistable packaging xxxx

T2 Turkish Apple - A refreshing Tisane enjoyed cold in Summer, served with mint and apple slices in Turkish glasses.

Luv and Cups of The' Shell xxxx

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Karen Dz said...

I enjoyed a cup of T2 English Breakfast tonight Shell! I'm thinking I might have indulge in an Earl Grey variety though...the only thing I was missing was a little dark chocolate to accompany it :) Definitely a warm hug in cup on a cool rainy night. xo