Friday, 10 February 2012

My wish for more sparkle in your day

What is a girl to do?

I don't know about you but since all of these little treasure trove jewellery stores have sprouted up at my local retail hangouts my jewellery collection has exploded !!!  Where is a girl to keep all these treasures and pieces of sparkle and beauty?  On display of course. They are too pretty and divine to be shoved in locked up jewellery boxes. Why not unleash them and enjoy them even when you are not wearing them?

I love re- purposing loved pieces of crockery such as bowls, tea cups and jars and filling them up with my collections of bracelets, earrings and rings. Also in my home, anything that is asking for some adornment will be decorated with necklaces as long as it stands still long enough for me to drape these pretties over it.

On my dresser at present my mirror has a collection of necklaces dripping off it, along with a beautiful mercury tealight holder full of earrings and an oyster pearl tray for watches and other bits and pieces.  I have a glass jar filled with bracelets which is a fabulous idea because I can see what I have because sometimes I am known to forget!!!!  Oops, you too?  At least I am not the only one xxx

And when you are really desperate,  how cute is this photo above that I stumbled upon in, non other than one of my fave reference book "Easy Elegance" ?  A cute little shelf to hang such beauties from will work delightfully and very elegantly.  Also hooks on the back of your wardrobe doors , or your walls if you are really brave ( how is that wall adornment working for you?) can come in really handy for hanging the other pieces of goodness when you run out of options.  Bangles are great in baskets or vases! They are screaming out to be rummaged through whilst you are trying to find that special something. I love the glass vase below with all those "bangly" gems piled on top of each other.

What do you do with you special little pieces of adornment?  I would love to hear .  My wish for you today is to enjoy the sparkle even when you are not wearing it.

Luv and cups of tea Shell xxx

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