Monday, 5 March 2012

What does a new season bring?

What fresh ideas does a new season bring for you?

I love the change in seasons and that is one of the reasons I love living in the Nation's Capital.  We definitely get to embrace the changes in seasons here.  Sometimes we even get 4 seasons in one day which is really embracing it to the extreme!!!!

For me, I use a new season as an opportunity to look at things around our home with a fresh perspective.  What works for Summer definitely does not work for Autumn.  So for the next few weeks it will be all about "scouting around" for what we need in preparation for the cooler weather.  I need to invest in some new throw rugs .  A little something for those cooler evenings when it is not quite cold enough for the heating yet, maybe some new cushions full of textures to be snuggled into and of course some new scented candles.  I am sorry frangipani and gardenia scents just don't work in Autumn !!  Maybe a little fig or pear would be more suitable.

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And then there is Le Jardin.  So much to do, pulling out of petunias replacing with pansies, feeding all the camellias and azaleas so that they bless us with their beautiful blooms, and naturally what else comes with Autumn?  Of course! Lots of leaves to crunch around in and rake up in piles to once again be blown all over our freshly cut lawns.  Autumn Bliss xxxx

So how about you?  What will you be changing up around your home to signal Autumn is now here?  Happy nesting Darlings .  Luv and Cups of tea Shell xxx

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